Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How To Get A Gerudo Scimitar

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Tears of the Kingdom players will need a Gerudo Scimitar if they plan on getting the Scimitar of the Seven, a weapon used by Champion Urbosa.

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The Upheaval in Tears of the Kingdom changed both the surface of Hyrule and even the weapons that players collected in Breath of the Wild. Now, most weapons that Link will find are going to be decayed. This unfortunately applies to all equipment that are required for getting the Champions’ Weapons. One example is the Gerudo Scimitar.

The Gerudo Scimitar is only found in the Wastelands of Hyrule. However, with such a wide expanse to cover, players may not know where they should start looking. To make this even more complicated, most Gerudo Scimitars in Tears of the Kingdom are confined to treasure chests with randomized loot, so there’s no guarantee that players will get one.

Gerudo Scimitar Locations in TotK

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom gerudo scimitar

There are three ways to get a Gerudo Scimitar on the Surface in Tears of the Kingdom. There are two Gerudo Scimitars in the Ancient Prison Ruins of Palu Wasteland, one in Gerudo Town, and one from the treasure chests that drop from Moldugas. As mentioned before, any of the Gerudo Scimitars that Link finds will be decayed. He can Fuse them with other weapons to increase their durability.

While it isn’t a requirement, it’s best to complete the Lightning Temple before attempting to get a Gerudo Scimitar. Doing so will clear up the desert and make it possible to see the map, as long as players have activated Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.

Help Riju in Gerudo Town

zelda totk riju of gerudo town walkthrough

The easiest way to get a Gerudo Scimitar is to start the quest Riju of the Gerudo. Players will need to sneak into the Gerudo Shelter by entering the waterways beneath Gerudo Town (-3875, -2864, 0043). Players can drop into the waterway from -3792, 2903, 0043, near the north gate. Follow the letters in the bottles, and ascend into the room from where they’re being dropped.

Once players find Riju at the North Gerudo Ruins (-3769, -2646, 0032), they’ll eventually have to defend Gerudo Town from the Gibdos. If players go to the left wing of the palace, they’ll find a Gerudo woman with various supplies that Link can use in the upcoming battle. On the weapon rack are various Gerudo weapons including a Gerudo Scimitar.

Farm Gerudo Scimitars from Moldugas

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom toruma dunes

The second way to get a Gerudo Scimitar is to go to the Toruma Dunes (-4658, -2834, 0039) and defeat the Molduga. It’s recommended to complete the Lightning Temple beforehand since it will be much easier to see. If this is the player’s first time defeating it at Toruma Ruins, then they’ll also rescue Isha, Gerudo Town’s jewelry store manager, upon slaying the Molduga.

The best way to defeat a Molduga is to draw its attention so that it leaps out of the sand. This can be done by firing an arrow at the ground. Once the Molduga springs into the air, fire a bomb flower-arrow at it. This will stun the Molduga for a short time and allow Link to get in some hits with a melee weapon.

After it’s defeated, the Molduga will drop various Molduga monster parts and one-two chests. There’s a slight chance the chest contains a Gerudo Scimitar, but it may have a Gerudo Shield or another weapon instead. Moldugas, like any other monster, will respawn during a Blood Moon, so players can always try their luck at a later time.

Ancient Prison Ruins in Palu Wasteland

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A third way to get not just one but two Gerudo Scimitars is to raid the Ancient Prison Ruins. To get here, Link will need to dive into a quicksand pit located in the Palu Wasteland at -3067, -3063, 0075. There’s a Shrine at the very end of these ruins, too.

First, start by moving the switch to open the gate. Continue down the hall, use Riju’s Ability to instantly defeat Gibdos, and at the second switch, look in the prison cell on the left. Use Ultrahand to highlight the Gerudo Scimitar lying in the sand.

The second Gerudo Scimitar is in a chest. The lever here won’t open the gate, so players will need to use Ultrahand to move the flooring across from the room with the first Gerudo Scimitar. Jump down, and then crouch below the bars to enter another room. Climb up some fallen ruins at -3186, -3116, -0043.

When the floor starts to fall, Link will end up on the lowest floor once again. Look for the statue pointing the sword towards the Shrine. Standing before the Shrine gate, use Ascend to reach the room with the chest containing the Gerudo Scimitar.

Where to Use Gerudo Scimitar

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If players have rescued Isha from the Molduga at the Toruna Ruins, then they can speak with her in Gerudo Town in front of the jewelry store by the north gate. As thanks for Link’s help, she’s willing to make him a Scimitar of the Seven and Daybreaker, which were Champion Urbosa’s weapons. However, like the other Champions’ Weapons, the materials are costly and may not be worth the trouble. Here’s what players will need:

  • x1 Gerudo Scimitar (decayed or regular)
  • x1 Gerudo Shield
  • x4 Diamonds
  • x10 Flint

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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