TikTok’s Grimace shake trend connects McDonald’s mascot with Gen Z

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In little over two weeks since McDonald’s launched its Grimace’s birthday celebration, during which customers can order a special birthday meal, one aspect of the deal has become heavily sought after: the special edition, purple, berry-flavored Grimace shake.

The shake has not gone viral for its deliciousness or lilac color.

Instead, TikTok’s newest trend includes videos where people drink the shake and immediately after are covered in the drink, pretending to be killed, passed out or possessed.

Here’s what we know about the weird trend that’s taken TikTok by storm over the past week.

A screengrab from a viral TikTok video shows people covered in the Grimace shake in a sewer. In the latest trend, people drink the shake, which is part of a McDonald's special offer for Grimace's birthday, and then pretend to be dead or passed out while covered in the drink.

What is happening in the videos?

Each one typically begins with someone telling the camera that they have the shake, wishing Grimace a happy birthday, taking their first sips of the drink, and beginning to review the beverage. Then the video cuts.

After the beginning sequence, the rest of the videos vary based on the creators. Some have the reviewer on the ground with the shake coming out of their mouths or all over their bodies, while others are more elaborate.

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