Superintendent wants teacher fired who spoke out about ‘Rainbowland’

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First grade dual-language teacher Melissa Tempel said the school superintendent in Waukesha, Wisconsin, recommended she be terminated from her job.

First grade teacher Melissa Tempel, who spoke out about the decision of Waukesha Schools in Wisconsin to ban “Rainbowland” by Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton from a spring concert, said the district’s superintendent has recommended she be terminated from her job.

Tempel said she was informed on Monday by superintendent James Sebert. In an email, Sebert told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a member of the USA TODAY Network, on Wednesday that he was unable to comment on the personnel matter.

The recommendation is in the wake of the school’s decision to ban “Rainbowland,” which has caught the attention of national media outlets, a Cyrus’ nonprofit, and even former President Barack Obama, who followed Tempel on Twitter shortly after she spoke out.

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