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Players in Squad have the chance to fight against one another, using various weapons and vehicles, like tanks, to dominate the enemy.

Player destroys infantry units using tanks in Squad

Squad is a tactical military operation game that allows up to 100 people to battle each other in challenging conditions of war. Players can choose from 10 distinct military factions to fight soldiers on the battleground to claim victory in Squad. There are dozens of unique tanks and vehicles that can help players dominate Squad matches with their team.

People can enter and exit tanks in Squad at any time to lay siege on their opponents. Players can get into Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), and Main Battle Tanks (MBT) to increase their kill counts within the FPS game. Take a look at the best tanks players can use to win more games in Squad.

10 M1A2

Player shoots a cannon at infantry units in an M1A2

M1A2 is an MBT in Squad that is available to the US Army. The military tank can take up to 4 people on board the vehicle to fight soldiers in the action game. M1A2 is among the fastest tanks in Squad according to its reload time. It has an M256 smoothbore cannon that can shoot down soldiers with a high rate of fire.

Players can get into an M1A2 along with a team member to take control of the MBT. People can easily target enemy soldiers from the vehicle commander’s seat to penetrate perpetrators with the M1A2. The MBT has a 5x and 12x zoom that lets people destroy their opponents from long-range in Squad.

9 T-62

Player uses an analog rangefinder to find enemies on the map

T-62 is a popular MBT in Squad that can be used by soldiers from the Insurgents, Irregular Militia, and Middle Eastern Alliance factions. It is smaller compared to other MBTs in the game, making it easy to navigate around the various maps of Squad. T-62 is best suited for a 4-member crew to infiltrate enemy bases.

Many people use the T-62 to transport allies around the map since the T-62 allows up to 4 additional members to be seated in the back of the tank. T-62 has an analog rangefinder that lets people stabilize the primary gun of the tank during battles.


Player moves with a 12 member crew in an MT-LBM 6MA

MT-LBM 6MA is an APC with a Heavy Machine Gun that can be incredibly effective against infantry units. People who prefer to play in the Russian Ground Forces and Middle Eastern Alliance will enjoy driving around the map in an MT-LBM 6MA.

The Middle Eastern Alliance faction of Squad can customize the MT-LBM 6MA with a UB-32 rocket pod to eliminate enemies with the armored vehicle. Players require a Crewman kit to make the most of the MT-LBM 6MA in Squad. The tank can hold up to a total of 12 members in an MT-LBM 6MA.

7 FV4034

Player communicates with team members while navigating the FV4034

FV4034 is among the most destructive tanks in Squad. Players can use the FV4034 by being a part of the British Army faction of the game. It can accommodate up to 4 members of a team, including the driver, gunner, commander, and a loader in the tank. The gunner can blast through enemy soldiers with up to 2000 rounds of bullets from the FV4034 to annihilate opponents.

Crew members are not exposed in the FV4034, making it safe to use during tactical operations. People can deploy an L34 smoke grenade to cover the tracks of the FV4034 during team fights. Destroying enemy soldiers can be loads of fun in the FV4034 while communicating with team members throughout the match.

6 BTR-80

Player travels smoothly around the map in an BTR-80

BTR-80 is widely used by the Russian Ground Forces in the FPS game. The large armored vehicle can carry up to 11 members at a time. Each round of the Heavy Machine Gun attached to the BTR-80 can shoot 50 bullets before having to reload. The slow reload time of the BTR-80 needs people to use the Heavy Machine Gun in short bursts to increase its accuracy during battles.

In addition to carrying more people on the BTR-80, the APC lets players destroy other armored vehicles, such as, the MT-LBM with ease. The BTR-80 is also smoother to operate than APCs like FV432.

5 Leopard 2A6M

Player remains protected in a Leopard 2A6M

Leopard 2A6M is an MBT in Squad that is exclusive to the Canadian Army. Players can use the periscope of a Leopard 2A6M to mitigate enemy units while using the MBT. The gunner in a Leopard 2A6M can manually tweak the sight of the gun, based on the range of the targeted soldier.

Experienced Squad players choose to drive the variant of Leopard 2A6M with a cage armor on its sides for enhanced protection during missions. The Leopard 2A6M also has increased protection against incoming attacks from turrets.

4 T-72B3

Player snipes infantry soldiers in an T-72B3

T-72B3 is an MBT that allows 3 men to operate the tank. It can be used by soldiers of the Russian Ground Forces to fight APCs and IFVs without exiting the vehicle between battles. A majority of the people who drive around in a T-72B3 choose to snipe soldiers on foot from far-off distances.

Players can track enemy vehicles using the T-72B3 and move the Heavy Machine Gun to target specific parts of an armored vehicle to increase the damage dealt by the MBT. It can be safer to move about in maps with an elevated position to avoid taking damage in a T-72B3.

3 M1A1

Player drives an M1A1 to eliminate enemy soldiers

M1A1 is one of the 3 variants of the M1 military tanks. Soldiers from the Australian Army can enter M1A1s to obliterate enemy units in Squad. M1A1 is slightly less heavier than M1A2, making it faster compared to its other variants.

Players can avoid being hit in the ammunition storage region of the tank to keep the M1A1 from exploding on the map. Getting hit by soldiers around the engine of the tank can also decrease the acceleration of the armored vehicle and prevent players from reaching the top speed of the M1A1.


Player uses a rotating gun to fire at enemy units in an LAV III

LAV III has an extended capacity of 600 bullets per round. The APC belongs to the Canadian Army and was first introduced in the B21 update for the game. Players can reach a top speed of 100 km per hour in the LAV III.

The armored vehicle can use its C6 machine gun mounted on the LAV III to rotate all around, up to 360 degrees to shoot at enemy units. Players can try using the LAV III to disable other APCs and MBTs in Squad. People can shoot the LAV III in bursts to avoid overheating the APC.

1 BMP-1

Player increases his kill count in an BMP-1

BMP-1 was released into the FPS game with the Alpha 14 update in June 2019. Players can use the BMP-1 on maps like Chora, Gorodok, Kokan, Mutaha, and Narva to increase the kills of the team from the IFV.

Soldiers from the Insurgents, Irregular Militia, and Middle Eastern Alliance can hop onto a BMP-1 to wage war on enemy soldiers in Squad. The increased rate of fire makes the BMP-1 more effective against infantry units compared to other IFVs in the shooter game. BMP-1 can hold up to a total of 15 members in the tank.

Released in December 2015, Squadcan be played on PC.

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