Southern Rockers PARKER BARROW Release The Sentimental “BACK TO BIRMINGHAM”

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Southern Rockers PARKER BARROW Release The Sentimental “BACK TO BIRMINGHAM”
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Alex Bender

Blues-infused Southern rock band Parker Barrow, led by Megan Kane (vocals) and Dylan Turner (drums), supported by the formidable Alex Bender (guitar) and Michael Beckhart (bassist) — unveil the official music video for ‘Back to Birmingham.’ The track is from their debut 10-track album, Jukebox Gypsies, which was released on August 11, 2023.

Crafted under the direction, filming, and editing prowess of Tony Mancuso and Mike Truehart from Rambunctious Pictures, the music video made its exclusive debut through Americana Highways. With the invaluable contributions of Mancuso, Truehart, alongside Dr. G and Stephen McKnight of Thermal Studios, Parker Barrow breathed vibrant life into the narrative of “Back to Birmingham,” delivering a cinematic visual journey.

Listen to Jukebox Gypsies here.

“From the moment we penned it, we sensed that this song deserved more,” Turner explains. “It was the initial song we crafted together after a few weeks on the road back in 2019. We approached it from Megan’s perspective, drawing from my own experiences of being away from home during that period. During the recording, I unexpectedly lost my grandmother. Then, just a week before shooting the music video, while performing at a dive bar in Missouri, we received the news that Megan’s grandmother had lost her battle to breast cancer. Suddenly, a song written four years ago came to life, a bit too literally, in just a matter of months.

“Fast forward 4 years, it’s crazy how one song, even after sitting on the shelf for a while, can come back around and mean so much more now than it even did back then,” Kane and Turner reflect. “So, the vision for the music video honestly wrote itself, as a dedication and a memorial to those we had lost while out on the road trying to make our dreams come true. It was truly a way for us to heal, which isn’t that what music is all about anyway?”

A record with such high praise, Jukebox Gypsies catapulted Parker Barrow through 2023. Rock & Blues Muse journalist Mike O’Cull applauded the record saying, “Parker Barrow absolutely swings for the fences on their 10-track debut album Jukebox Gypsies… this much-anticipated record over-delivers on all levels and should do much to jump Parker Barrow up to the highest realms of the roots rock scene. The band combines power-hungry beats, nail-tough guitars, all-pro vocals, and an impossible-to-ignore emotional fire into new rock music that comes across as genuine and true.”

Forged from an immediate connection, the band finds inspiration in the infamous duo of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Kane and Turner aim to infuse their music with the iconic energy of a dynamic duo, portraying a narrative where, instead of evading the law, they are a dynamic pair in pursuit of their rock ‘n’ roll dreams.

Photo: Caylee Robillard

Drawing significant inspiration from The Black Crowes, The Allman Brothers Band, Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Whiskey Myers, Parker Barrow seamlessly incorporates blues into each arrangement. The band’s true brilliance emerges in their live performances, marked by lively flights and a showcase of their grounded charisma. Turner and Kane, bound by a shared vision, genuine passion, and a love for life on the road, hold their relationship in high esteem through music and faith. As kindred spirits, they eagerly anticipate continuing to create and perform together in this next chapter of life. Whether in intimate acoustic sets or impactful full-band shows, it’s clear that the couple is precisely where they should be.

Jukebox Gypsies marks a significant milestone in Parker Barrow’s musical journey and there’s nothing but greatness in store for their future.

Artwork by Jay Marten

“Peace, Love, Rock N’ Rollin’”
“Count Your Dollars”
“Back to Birmingham”
“Throwin’ Stones”
“Partners In Crime”
“Good Times Gone Away”
“Long Black Train”
“Sunshine Of Your Love” (Cream Cover)
“Where The Bluebird Goes”


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