Search For Missing 13 Year Old From Reedsburg Continues | 97 Seven Country WGLR – The Tri-States Best Variety of Country

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The family of James Yoblonski led a search Sunday morning for the missing 13-year-old two weeks after he first disappeared. Dozens gathered to search near where Yoblonski is believed to be possibly living off the grid as a survivalist. Family and volunteers from the community combed through the woods looking for any clues as to where Yablonski might be. The search comes after the Sauk County Sheriff’s department said they were shifting their focus to more targeted efforts out of fear that they could push Yoblonski into harsher, less familiar territory. They have asked the public to do the same, also concerned that someone could be hurt while traversing the difficult terrain. The family says they’re not ready to give up the search any time soon and just want to see Yoblonski home again. 

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