Rumor: Destiny 2’s Next Returning Raid Possibly Revealed By Known Leaker

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A Destiny 2 leaker known for their accuracy says the game’s next returning raid could once again come from the original Destiny.

A known Destiny 2 leaker may have let players know what the next returning raid will be inside season 22.

While Destiny 2‘s current season has not even hit the halfway mark, a known leaker in the game’s community is already suggesting the next returning raid coming in Season 22 will once again come from the original Destiny. The returns of Vault of Glass and King’s Fall were both met with welcome arms by players longing to jump back into those raids, though not without a few changes. It leaves two options for Bungie to bring back in the next season of content, and the studio’s choice, according to the leaker, may catch some players by surprise.

Destiny 2‘s current season, Season of the Deep, continues guardians’ battle against The Witness and its forces, this time sending players back to the moon of Titan following its return. Players are called back to the newly-returned moon by Deputy Commander Sloan, who requests the Vanguard’s aid in defending a mysterious creature living deep in the methane oceans, which may be able to provide valuable information about The Witness, itself. However, the Hive god Xivu Arath is taking the opportunity to make her presence in the Sol System known more directly and prove her worth in the wake of Oryx’s death and Savathun’s betrayal.

The season has already provided some major revelations about The Witness, its origins, its ultimate goal, and the role the Traveler played in setting this up. There are still roughly two months left, as of this writing, but some players are already looking ahead as to what they have to look forward to in season 22, specifically the returning raid. According to known Destiny 2 leaker Liz, guardians should get ready to venture back into the Moon’s Hellmouth as Crota’s End may be the one Bungie takes out of the content vault.

Destiny 2 Crota

Crota’s End was originally released as part of The Dark Below expansion for the original Destiny, introducing players to Eris Morn and pitting them against the Hive god Crota. The raid saw guardians venture below the surface of the Moon and into Crota’s throne world to destroy the being once and for all. It was the shortest of the original raids, as well, with many veteran players comparing it more to raid lairs and dungeons in Destiny 2 rather than any of the other raids from the series’ history.

As of this writing, it has not been confirmed if Liz’s leak is accurate or if another raid will be making its return in season 22. Some players can argue any leak should be dismissed given the number of fake leaks about Destiny that pop up seemingly every other week, serving as glorified fan fiction more than anything. That said, other players could argue Liz’s track-record of accurate leaks, including Lightall, suggests there may be truth to this latest reveal, and players should start getting ready to venture back down into the deep dark of the moon.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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