Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Hardest To Evolve Pokemon

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Players can expect a rough time trying to evolve the following Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

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A lot of things in the Pokemon series have changed since Pokemon Red and Blue was released in 1996. Every new generation of games brings new Pokemon and new mechanics, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the same.

Even evolution, one of the core mechanics of the series, has seen some alteration. It’s the way Pokemon gain new forms and new strength, making it a vital part of the journey. Previously, Pokemon only evolved by leveling up, using evolution items, or trading. However, a lot of newer Pokemon have much more complicated evolution methods, and obtaining some of the strongest creatures in the game is now a challenge of its own.

7 Sliggoo

pokemon sliggoo and goodra

The Goodra line was introduced back in Pokemon X and Y. The powerful Goodra only evolves from Sliggoo when leveled up past level 50 in the rain. This line makes a reappearance in Scarlet and Violet, but the change in location has affected the ease of their evolution.

Whereas Kalos and other regions have routes that are often covered in rain, Paldea’s open world has a more random chance of receiving rain, making evolving Sliggoo potentially a drawn-out endeavor for unlucky trainers, especially since level 50 is already a fairly high evolution requirement.

6 Primape

pokemon scarlet and violet how to evolve Primeape

Mankey and Primape have been a part of the Pokemon series from the very beginning, as part of the original 151 Pokemon. Scarlet and Violet have provided them with a new evolution in the form of Annihilape, a fighting/ghost type who is easily one of the best Pokemon in the game.

In order to evolve, a Primape needs to use the new move “Rage Fist” 20 times in battle before leveling up. Primape learns rage fist at level 35, so 36 is the minimum level it can evolve. Rage Fist only has 10pp, so the process will take at least one trip to the Pokemon center, or some pp restoring items.

5 Finizen

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Finizen

Finizen is an unusual new Pokemon, both in its evolution method and what it evolves into. Its evolution, Palafin, looks almost identical to it, apart from a heart on its chest. However, its ability allows it to transform into a much more powerful form when switched out and back in during a fight.

Finizen’s evolution involves Scarlet and Violet’s multiplayer system. It will only evolve when past level 38, and if another player is in the world watching. This means 2 players need to play together for either of them to evolve their Finizen. With friends, this is fairly straightforward, but without anyone to play with or an internet connection, Palafin is simply unattainable.

4 Pawmo/Bramblin/Rellor

pokemon scarlet violet walking evolution pawmot rabsca brambleghast trick lets go steps auto battle

Scarlet and Violet have introduced a few new evolution methods, one of which is used to evolve Pawmo into Pawmot, Bramblin into Brambleghast, and Rellor into Rabsca. To evolve these Pokemon, trainers have to use the game’s new “Let’s Go” feature, which allows Pokemon to be thrown out into the world to attack wild Pokemon or follow the trainer.

After throwing out the Pokemon, walk with it for 1000 steps without letting it go back into its ball, then level it up. This can be tricky since the Pokemon can’t keep up with the trainer’s run speed. The best strategy is to go up and down the Academy steps 5 times, as there are 200 steps in total. Still, this is a very long process to evolve one Pokemon.

3 Charcadet


Armorouge and Ceruledge are two of the best new Pokemon added in Scarlet and Violet. They both boast great stats and strong signature moves that make them quite a threat. They also both evolve from Charcadet, with the item needed for each of their evolutions being exclusive to either Scarlet or Violet.

These items are the Auspicious Armor in Scarlet and Malicious Armor in Violet. Both must be obtained from an NPC in Zapapico, who will exchange them for 10 Bronzor Fragments in Scarlet, and 10 Sinistea Chips in Violet. This requires farming Bronzor and Sinistea respectfully, so it could take a while.

2 Bisharp

pokemon scarlet and violet how to evolve Bisharp

Pawniard and Bisharp were introduced in Pokemon Black and White, and have always been fairly good Pokemon. In Scarlet and Violet, however, they received a new evolution in the form of Kingambit, who has become one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, making it well worth its unusual method of evolution.

In order to evolve a Bisharp, it must defeat 3 special wild Bisharp, and then level up. These Bisharp are the ones that are surrounded by Pawniard in the wild. Any Bisharp standing by itself will not work. The best place to find them is in North Province Area 2, but it can take a while to get them to spawn, making this one of the more complicated evolution processes in the game.

1 Gimmighoul


Gimmighoul is a very unique Pokemon that appears throughout the game in several ways. In its roaming form, it can often be found standing around the open world on rocks or signposts. Meanwhile, its chest form can be found at the top of certain towers all over Paldea.

In order to evolve Gimmighoul into the very powerful Gholdengo, all these overworld Gimmighoul are going to be important. Interacting with roaming Gimmighoul will award 1-200 Gimmighoul coins, and defeating/catching the chest form will award 10-777 coins. Only once 999 coins are collected can a Gimmighoul evolve upon leveling up, making it easily the hardest Pokemon in the franchise to evolve.

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