Outgoing owners of Bradfordville Blues Club hope new owners will keep the music playing

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The outgoing owners of the Bradfordville Blues Club are hoping new owners will soon step in to keep the legendary venue going. They had earlier announced the club would close permanently on April 1st.
Gary Anton and his wife Kim took over the club’s operation 22 years ago and have booked a constant lineup of local and national blues stars ever since. They plan to step away from that role April 1st, but Gary Anton now says that may not be the end of the line for the club itself.

“Let’s knock on wood that the new owners can get a lease and keep the club going and the legacy alive.”

That lease would come from the Henry family, which has owned the land the club sits on since the 1880s. Anton voiced the hope during the March 21st Leon County Commission meeting after Commissioner Bryan Welch read a proclamation honoring the couple.

“So today we honor and celebrate Gary and Kim Anton as they step away from their positions at the Bradfordville Blues and the Capital City region celebrates this milestone in the legacy of their lasting impact and influence on our community.”

The Bradfordville Blues Club is the only venue in Florida to be part of the historic Mississippi Blues Trail.

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