Opinion | We must band together despite our difference to stop climate change

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I deeply appreciated Eugene Robinson’s frankness on our current climate predicament in his March 22 op-ed, “There’s no time to wallow in despair on the climate.” At first, it seems puzzling that we pursue our own demise through our carbon emissions with such zeal. But there is really no “we” here. The human race is deeply divided: rich vs. poor, and the greed of current generations vs. the survival of voiceless future generations.

Mr. Robinson was clearly correct on the promise of market solutions to tame the climate beast before it consumes us. Several nations have taken their first steps to place a rising price on carbon, including Canada. But the obstacle to broader adoption is this feeling of “us” and “them.” This flaw in human nature makes it hard for us to embrace deep solutions before it is too late, coaxing us to blame others for what we are seeing and to limit our solutions to those that will not deeply offend fossil fuel interests. In reality, either fossil fuels or all of us must die. It is time to choose one.

Chris Wiegard, Chester, Va.

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was scary. It focused on the urgent need to do much more climate mitigation and on the horrors if we fail. Somehow, though, Eugene Robinson was a calming influence.

He wrote that we have what it takes to avoid the worst of the insidious fires, floods, heat waves, storms and droughts that a disrupted climate could deliver. We do have the bulk of the knowledge and technical skill to fix this problem, but we lack collective will.

We all need to learn the facts about climate change — its causes, symptoms and solutions. We need to unite to fix this huge problem. We need historic focus and determination, but we are Americans! Let us lead the way to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable world.

There is a lengthy list of needs here. Let’s get to it.

Sally Courtright, Albany, N.Y.

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