One Year Later, Evil Dead: The Game is Proving It Has a Lot of Life Left

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Evil Dead: The Game is celebrating its first anniversary in style, with fresh content and a growing community of die-hard fans.

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When Evil Dead: The Game launched in May 2022, it was simply the latest in a long line of titles based on classic horror films. However, Evil Dead: The Game quickly proved itself as one of the better asymmetrical horror games out there. One year later, the title continues to thrive thanks to consistent support and DLC, as well as a recent string of increased availability, causing its community to boom. To celebrate the title’s first anniversary, developer Saber Interactive has released a new edition of the game alongside fresh content and a new way to play. Today, Evil Dead: The Game is proving that it has a lot of life left.

Evil Dead: The Game was released to positive reviews, with many considering it among the best asymmetrical horror titles. That said, the title launched with one major issue: a severe lack of content beyond its base multiplayer mode. While the game included a series of solo missions, they were frustrating and threadbare at best. It was quickly apparent that the title would need consistent support and updates to stay relevant. Luckily, Saber Interactive did just that, releasing eight DLC packs between Evil Dead: The Game‘s release and its anniversary celebration.

Evil Dead: The Game is Enjoying an Eventful 2023

Ash from Evil Dead with PS Plus logo

While Evil Dead: The Game had been receiving consistent DLC support going into 2023, it started the year off with a bang through two unique releases. Evil Dead: The Game was one of PlayStation Plus’ monthly games in February 2023, leading to a significant boost in player activity. Players who were hesitant to try the title at launch, or were simply waiting for a more worthwhile experience, were able to add the title to their libraries for free and jump right in thanks to their PS Plus subscription.

Alongside it being featured on PS Plus, Evil Dead: The Game added a free 40-player battle royale mode called Splatter Royale. This mode allows players to choose from a host of Survivors and Deadites, then battle for supremacy in an all-out grudge match. That wasn’t all, though. A paid DLC was also launched alongside the title’s PS Plus release.

The Immortal Power DLC added new outfits from the Ash vs The Evil Dead series, as well as a new survivor, Lucy Lawless’ Ruby Knowby. February’s burst in content provided Evil Dead: The Game with a nice jolt of life. For the title’s anniversary, Saber Interactive looks to create a surge that will reanimate the title beyond all prior expectations.

Evil Dead: Game of the Year Edition Delivered Fresh DLC Content

Evil Dead Who's your Daddy DLC Game of the year One Year Anniversary

Evil Dead: The Game celebrated its first anniversary with a myriad of new releases. Evil Dead: The Game – Game of the Year Edition was released on April 26th, 2023, bundling all prior Evil Dead DLC and the base game. While this release arrived on all prior platforms, it also marked the official debut of Evil Dead: The Game on Steam, adding a massive community to the game’s fanbase. Previously, PC players could only access the title through the Epic Games Store.

In conjunction with the Evil Dead: The GameGame of the Year Edition, the brand new “Who’s Your Daddy” DLC pack adds the Schemer demon and the father of Evil Dead‘s Ash, Brock Williams, as playable characters; further, it adds new outfits for Ash, Pablo, and Amanda. The DLC is included with the Game of the Year edition and can be purchased separately.

Thanks to its anniversary releases, Evil Dead: The Game is proving that it has quite a bit of life left in it. With a major film also currently in theaters, Evil Dead: The Game‘s newest DLC pack and Game of the Year edition appear set to make 2023 the year this cult-classic franchise is fully resurrected.

Evil Dead: The Game is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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