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Morgan Wallen dropped three new songs late Monday night, and as you’d expect, all of them are great.

Wallen, who famously blew right through a mass attempt to cancel him, announced late Monday that his new album “One Thing At A Time” will hit shelves and streaming services March 3, and the album will feature 36 (!!!!!) songs.

To generate a little buzz, the face of country music at the moment released “Last Night,” “Everything I Love” and “I Wrote the Book.”

If you’re a fan of his music, you’re going to want to listen to all three.

“I Wrote the Book”:

“Everything I Love”:

“Last Night”:

Morgan Wallen is an unstoppable machine.

This album from Wallen is going to be a massive hit, and it will just be the latest sign he’s the current king of country music.

Zach Bryan is the king of the more renegade/indie part of the genre, but overall, Morgan Wallen dominates country music.

“One Thing At A Time” will make that clear to any doubters he might have left.

Morgan Wallen teases his new album “One Thing At A Time.” The country music star released three new songs from the album. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

The album also features his absolute anthem “Tennessee Fan,” which should be played at every Volunteers tailgate from now through the end of time.

That song is honestly one of the best songs he’s ever made. It’s incredible.

Once “One Thing At A Time” hits Spotify in March, I can promise you it will shoot up right to the top of the charts. Should we do a full review here at OutKick for all the Wallen fanatics out there? I think we will, folks. I definitely think we will. The man is a star and his music is absolutely outstanding.

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