Minecraft: Best Watchtower Builds

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The high ground can always be an advantage, and with these best watchtower builds in Minecraft, players will always have a height advantage.

A watchtower build in Minecraft made out of wood and stone in a grass biome

Players love to build out their world in Minecraft, creating towers and churches and villages, and all manner of architectural feats. While there are plenty of things to build in the game, some builds are more commonly sought after than others. Building a watchtower is a common building idea for players.

Building a watchtower in Minecraft is great because it gives the players a solid view of the surrounding area from a village or structure that’s been built nearby. This is a good move, as even the smallest mobs in Minecraft can pose a threat. However, some players may find the idea of creating one from scratch to be daunting. In this case, following the best Minecraft watchtower builds that have been built online is a good idea.

6 Simple Watchtower

While some Minecraft players love to flex their building abilities, a lot of players prefer sticking to simpler builds that are easier to make. For those players, the simple watchtower built by ItsMarloe is a great choice.

This build largely uses stone and cobblestone with oak and jungle logs. It doesn’t take much material to build and can be built from start to finish in just an hour or two of gameplay. It’s a great starter watchtower to build before players move on to more complex watchtower designs. Minecraft is a game that always has something new to discover, and building a brilliant watchtower is one of those things.

5 Medieval Watchtower

Medieval designs have stood the test of time, proving to be hugely popular with players. This is also true in Minecraft. Medieval watchtowers are a popular choice for players, with the medieval watchtower built by Mechitect a great example.

The build is easy to follow and uses mostly oak planks, trapdoors, stone, and cobblestone. Players shouldn’t expect to have to get thousands of material blocks, with only a few hundred being needed. It is likely to take a player around one or two hours to mine and build. This watchtower build is perfect for players who love medieval games.

4 Enchanting Tower

What’s the point in building a watchtower if it isn’t functional? TheMythicalSausage‘s enchanting tower build has a great design, using mostly stone, cobblestone, and oak planks. With an 8×8 build, the build is a great choice for players who are looking for a good watchtower to add to their world.

The design is easy to follow and shouldn’t take long to complete, with there not being a huge number of material blocks needed to complete the build. Enchantments in Minecraftare great mechanics, and this tower is a great place to practice them.

3 Firewatch Tower

A watchtower design that is a little different from the usual builds players can find on the web, this firewatch tower by Blockdown is sure to be a favorite feature in gamers’ Minecraft worlds. With a thatched design, the firewatch tower sticks out for miles which is great for builders who are looking to flex with their creations.

This build is not for players who prefer having less obvious builds. Players will need a good number of planks for this and can choose to make it any type of wood, not just what’s covered in the video. The tower is a little complex, so players should set aside three or so hours to complete it. Players can build useful Redstone contraptions nearby to further bolster the watchtower’s significance.

2 Wooden Watchtower

The wooden watchtower by Rainfall is a great build, merging lots of different types of wood to create an expansive skyscraper treehouse that has a neat archway on the underside. Players can build this to form the entrance of a village or a checkpoint nearby.

This build is suitable for Minecraft players of all skill levels and will likely take around two to three hours to complete. The video is well done with lots of clear instructions and the necessary material blocks listed out. While the build outlines how to build the watchtower, players can make any adjustments they see fit, perhaps playing around with the different Minecraft wood types to change the visual design a little.

1 Fantasy Wizard Tower

Normal watchtowers are great, but some players want to lean into their sci-fi and fantasy interests by creating a wizard tower on Minecraft. Luckily, they can, using the impressive build from DiddiHD. DiddiHD’s fantasy wizard tower build is easy to follow and looks great in any world surrounded by other structures that the player builds.

The fantasy wizard tower by this builder looks like it could be home to one of the strongest evil wizards in gaming, and is great fun to build. This particular watchtower build is a serious undertaking, so players should expect to dedicate a good couple of hours, as well as many resources.

Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and many other platforms.

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