Megyn Kelly Challenges Hollywood Actress Charlize Theron To Fight Over Banning Drag Shows Our Kids!

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Megyn Kelly Challenges Hollywood Actress Charlize Theron To Fight Over Banning Drag Shows Our Kids!

Megyn Kelly, a well-known journalist and television personality, recently challenged Hollywood actress Charlize Theron to a debate over the controversial issue of drag shows for children.

The debate started when Theron, who is a mother of two, publicly supported a recent decision made by a library in New York City to host a drag queen story hour for children. Theron praised the event, saying that it was important to teach children about inclusivity and diversity at a young age.

However, Kelly, a former Fox News anchor, took issue with the idea of drag shows for children, calling it “bizarre” and “inappropriate”. She invited Theron to come on her podcast to discuss the issue further.

Theron has not yet responded to the challenge, but the debate has sparked a larger conversation about the role of drag shows in children’s entertainment. Supporters argue that it is a way to teach children about acceptance and understanding, while opponents argue that it sexualizes and confuses children.

The issue is particularly controversial in the United States, where conservative lawmakers have pushed for bans on drag shows for children in several states. Meanwhile, other states have passed laws protecting the right to host such events.

It remains to be seen whether Theron will accept Kelly’s challenge, but the debate has highlighted the need for respectful and thoughtful discussions about sensitive topics like this one.

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