Manistee festival pairs live music, beer, cannabis for amphitheater

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Smoke on the Water pairs live music, beer and cannabis all to fundraise for the planned development of an amphitheater between First Street Beach and Douglas Park.

Authentic 231 and Salt City Rock and Blues are the event’s co-hosts. Authentic 231 is a Manistee-based cannabis retailer; and Salt City Rock and Blues is a nonprofit “committed to building community through music,” which also hosts Laborfest.

The two entities were granted permission from Manistee City Council to host Smoke on the Water on municipal property.

Bob Ogilvie, Salt City Rock and Blues vice president, said there were over 640 tickets presold for Smoke on the Water, more than last year. 

The event was limited to adults 21 and older. Ticket sales were capped at 3,000 and last year there were nearly 1,500 sold overall

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