Major Fast Food Chain Provides Wedding Services

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By Jessica Goudreault | Published

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If you want to get married in Indonesia, you can give your wedding guests the option of chicken, fish, or McDonald’s, according to the New York Post. The fast-food chain offers a $200 wedding plan that includes 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 four-piece McNuggets. The jury is out on whether or not this also includes dipping sauces.

McDonald’s Indonesia announced the “Wedding Mekdi” package on their Instagram account on June 27, urging happy couples to create “unforgettable moments with McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s in Indonesia will now cater weddings by offerring 400 McNuggets and 100 sandwiches to guests.

If the wedding party would prefer something other than chicken sandwiches and chicken McNuggets, then they can swap them out with different fast food, just as long as they buy a minimum of 200 products. So, it sounds like some couples could have a Big Mac wedding or a Quarter Pounder wedding with fries.

Instagram users have been quick to respond to the exciting news from McDonald’s, with most of them poking fun at the new wedding package. Some find it hilarious and ridiculous that a fast-food chain would make the jump into wedding catering, while others think this could cause traditional catering companies to panic.

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Mcdonald’s Happy Meals

It’s important to note that this wedding package only includes McDonald’s food, and it does not include a ceremony at the fast-food restaurant. However, a separate “Happiness Party” package is available for weddings. For only $382, you and your fiancé can get invites, the venue, and audio equipment from Mcdonald’s, but the food will be extra.

If the bride and groom would like food stalls to be provided along with the food, then they can do so for an additional fee. This would make McDonald’s catering seem more legitimate since guests could order from the food stall rather than just being served in a paper bag.

McDonald’s may not be hosting weddings, but the new catering option can save cpuples an incredible amount of money.

While some might not love the idea of their friends and family eating McDonald’s food at their wedding, it could save them a lot of money. Catering for a wedding can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, with an average plate costing $75 per wedding guest.

With so many other expenses and stresses involved with a wedding, McDonald’s catering doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Currently, this offer is only available in Indonesia, but we would not be surprised if it makes its way over to the United States in the near future. After all, McDonald’s began in the United States, opening its first restaurant in San Bernardino, California, in May 1940.

Most recently, in the United States, Gen Zers have been creating viral TikTok videos with the new Grimace Birthday shake, a special berry-flavored shake that was available in June. The videos typically include a person sipping the purple shake before winding up dead or possessed.

It’s just one of the latest ridiculous trends that have been inspired by food that is an unnatural color.

Whether you’re sipping on a purple shake or enjoying some chicken McNuggets, remember that McDonald’s is always there for you, even on your wedding day.

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