Madonna revisits her iconic past outfits ahead of ‘Celebration Tour’

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Madonna has ventured through her archive of iconic past outfits before she embarks on her world tour later this year.

The pop icon documented the moment in a new Instagram post, uploaded yesterday (April 24). Here, the she showed fans some of her past outfits, while reflecting on 40 years in the music industry.

“A trip to my archives is always a nostalgic trip down memory lane! If I think about my journey through music over the last 4 decades— how could I not think about all the incredible clothes I got to wear and all the amazing designers I was lucky enough to work with,” she wrote in the caption.

She also used the post to shed light on her childhood, and explain to fans how she and her mother were “always cold” due to a lack of funds to buy warm clothes in winter.

“When I was a little girl I remember my mother was always cold. Partly because she was sick but also because she never had a coat,” the Queen of Pop explained. “She always spent what little money we had on our coats and I remember standing outside waiting for the schoolbus With my mother shivering in the cold in the middle of winter!!”

She also added: “The journey from the memory of my shivering mother in Winter to me shivering in the over air-conditioned storage space where all my costumes are stored is quite remarkable! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Every time I put on an incredible coat I think of my Mother. I hope she likes my taste in costumes, but most of all i hope she’s warm!”

The update comes ahead of Madonna’s upcoming ‘Celebration Tour’, which will see the pop pioneer embark on over 35 dates globally, to mark 40 years in music.

The tour kicks off in Vancouver, Canada, on July 15, and will be followed by shows in North America that span until early October. From there, the singer will touch down for a series of European shows in cities including Antwerp, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam.

Six dates at London’s O2 Arena are also included, four of which take place in October and two of which are scheduled for December. Find remaining tickets here.

Earlier this month, Madonna shared a behind the scenes video from the first week of rehearsals for the tour. “SLAYING…………Rehearsal-Week One!!” she wrote in the caption, while the footage shows her playing guitar, shooting a bullseye on a dart board and more.

Additionally, back in March, Madonna also teased that more tour dates will be announced soon. The ‘Like A Virgin’ singer posted the update on her Instagram page in a video soundtracked by The Queens’ remix of Beyoncé’s ‘Break My Soul’.

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