Local runner competes for Team USA in the International Paralympics

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) — A local runner reached new speeds after competing for Team USA in the International Paralympics.

Ryan Medrano was born with mild Cerebral Palsy and faced challenges his whole life.

“I was born three months early and it created fluid in the cerebellum of my brain, which made me really stiff as a child,” said Ryan Medrano. USA Paralympian “I got bullied a lot. I was a little bit slower in class and it was hard. You know, nobody else is like you. And it’s really hard to know and express that because you don’t have that ability to do so.”

With determination, he pushed his mind and body. That determination got him recognized on an International level when he earned his spot in Team USA competing in the International Paralympics.

“We’d run through they’d be like USA! USA! The competition was just heart-pounding like the first two days,” says Medrano.

Medrano placed in three events. 7th in the long jump, 6th place in the100 meter, and 5th in the 400 meter race.

Medrano overcame his struggles and wants to guide others like him to do the same.

“Learning about myself really has really helped me to be motivated to go out there and help the younger generations and let them know it might feel like you’re alone, but you have so many people on this earth that are going through struggles like you, and it’s going to be hard but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel,” said Medrano.

Medrano plans to continue competing as well as motivating others to tackle their challenges because thats where he found his strength.

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