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Nanalysis: high-performance benchtop NMR spectrometer manufacturer

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometers help researchers understand molecular compounds, but existing technology was unwieldy and required too many operators.

In 2009, Nanalysis began working on improving the laboratory instrumentation. Since then, the team was able to turn a bulky, difficult-to-use scientific apparatus into a device that can sit on a bench and be operated by a single technician.

The company began over a decade ago with three employees. In 2012, they were joined by Susanne Riegel, a previous recipient of the Alberta Innovates’ Graduate Student Scholarship and are now publicly listed and employ 70+ people.

Nanalysis accessed support from Alberta Innovates through the Alberta Innovation Voucher program, the Product Demonstration program, and the Commercialization Associate program.

“Without the early assistance from Alberta Innovates, our path to commercialization would have been significantly more difficult,” says Bruce Lix, Director of Business Development

Visit www.nanalysis.com

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