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Land Guard 5 Tier Storage Racks and Shelving – 48″ L x 20″ W x 72″ H Heavy Steel Material Pantry Shelves – Each Unit Loads 350 Pounds Wire Shelf, Suitable for Warehouses, Closets, Kitchens



Land Guard 5 Tier Storage Racks and Shelving, A sturdy solution for all your storing and shelving. With heavy steel material, it can hold up to 350 pounds, No need to worry about overloading, for it astounds.

The 48″ L x 20″ W x 72″ H dimensions, Make it suitable for warehouses, closets, and kitchens. It’s perfect for organizing, whatever you need, From pots and pans, to clothes and books to read.

The wire shelves allow for easy air circulation, Ensuring your items are kept in perfect condition. The 5 tiers provide ample space, So you can keep everything in its rightful place.

It’s easy to assemble, without any fuss, So you can start storing, without any rush. And with a durable powder-coated finish, It’ll stand the test of time, without any blemish.

So whether you need to store goods or display, Land Guard 5 Tier Storage Racks and Shelving is the way. It’s a reliable choice, with strength and durability, The perfect solution for all your storage versatility.




When it comes to organizing your space, Height Adjustable Shelves are the perfect base. Fully adjustable, with 1-inch increments, You can move each shelf to fit your requirements.

Simply clip the black plastic sleeves, Around the metal posts with ease. Customize the height to suit your needs, Ensuring your space is perfectly freed.

With sturdy wire construction, it’s built to last, And leveling foot caps, ensure stability holds fast. Tool-less assembly, with all components in tow, Make setting up easy, with no need for a pro.

Widely applicable, for work or personal space, These shelves are perfect for any place. Whether it’s your kitchen, office, or garage, Your laundry room, or even your personal mirage.

You can store your items with great ease, And keep your home organized, as you please. So if you need more storage space, Height Adjustable Shelves are the perfect place.


At Land Guard, we are dedicated to making your life more comfortable and convenient, Our unique products are designed to accompany you for a long time, it’s a commitment. From yards to gardens, Land Guard is used by many, And it’s our pride to say that it’s brought us great benefits plenty.

Our products are designed with a purpose in mind, To solve problems and make life more refined. We strive to improve the quality of life for our customers, Making sure our products are convenient and practical for all types of ventures.

We understand the importance of a well-maintained garden, And the role it plays in our lives, from aesthetic appeal to its function. That’s why we have focused on creating products that make garden work more manageable, So that it doesn’t become an overwhelming chore that is a challenge.

At Land Guard, we believe that our products are unique, With quality craftsmanship and design that is chic. Our goal is to offer our customers the perfect choice, And to make sure they have a product that truly enhances their voice.

So if you want to improve the quality of your life, And solve garden problems without any strife, Choose Land Guard and let us be by your side, We promise to make your life more comfortable

with pride.

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