Kat Hasty Says Her New Music Is Heavily Inspired By Miranda Lambert’s ‘Palomino’

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Get ready because Kat Hasty has some new music on the way.

You may know the Texas singer from her most streamed song “Pretty Things” which was released back in 2020, but Kat Hasty has continued to release single after single since, and finally a full album is on the way.

Her most recent single, “Burn It Down,” was pretty similar to “Pretty Things” as they are both angry breakup songs which I wholeheartedly love and can relate to.

As for Kat though, she says that so much has changed in the past three years; being a mom will do that to you. With that, we’re about to see a shift in her new album from dark, angry concepts to songs that are more upbeat and happy after her self-proclaimed identity crisis.

One major inspiration for this shift has been Miranda Lambert’s most recent album Palomino as well as Miranda’s career as a whole.

“My first EP had a lot of dark concepts, there was a lot of drugs, drinking, men… that’s what conceptualized my entire album.

I’ve just grown a lot as a person, I’m a lot healthier now, I haven’t smoked a cigarette in ages, I don’t even really drink anymore, so this next album that’s coming out is just gonna be a lot more upbeat, happier concepts, more womanly concepts.

I think a big influence on that has been Miranda Lambert’s ‘Palomino’ record.”

@whiskeyriff How has @kathasty changed since first releasing music? 🎥 @axel.mikiel ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

Given her love for Miranda Lambert, Kat included Miranda’s “If I Were a Cowboy” in her most recent set that she performed at MusicFest in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

@whiskeyriff @Kat Hasty performing “If I was a Cowboy” by Miranda Lambert #musicfest2023 #countrymusic #livemusic #steamboat #colorado ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

Check out her latest single, “Burn It Down.”

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