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Fitbit’s transition to Google accounts begins June 6
Google acquired Fitbit in early 2021. The results of that acquisition bore fruit with the Sense 2 and Versa 4 smartwatches in September 2022, which had a UI that looked remarkably similar to Wear OS 3. Then, the Pixel Watch debuted a month later, making it the first Wear OS smartwatch to feature Fitbit integration. As a part of the deep integration, the search giant announced last year that you'd be forced to sign up for Fitbit using your Google account sometime in 2023 to activate your new wearable. Well, that time has now finally arrived.
Starting on June 6 (via Droid Life), Google login support will go live on Fitbit's app. If you are an existing Fitbit user, you have until early 2025 to transition. That's two years from now, giving you plenty of time to decide what to do. Once that deadline expires though, Google will force you to migrate. However, if you are setting up a new Fitbit account, you must use your Google account to sign up from June 6. Otherwise, you cannot activate your new Fitbit wearable.
As a part of the migration, you will have complete control over what data you want to carry over. Google has also previously promised that it won't use your health data to show ads, keeping the two separate. You can also manage your Fitbit data from your Google account and the Fitbit app itself.
As Fitbit highlights on its support page, this transition has several benefits, like a single login for Fitbit and Google services and centralized privacy controls.
Remember that if you signed up for Fitbit using the Sign in with Google option, it does not mean you have used your Google account to register. You will still have to go through the migration process.
Here's hoping Google has learned from its messy Nest migration and that the Fitbit to Google account transition is a lot simpler.
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