Future population growth leads Fort Worth to consider annexing some county roads – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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Scott Kilgore lives off Willow Springs Road in North Tarrant County. He sees the need for changes to his county road.

“If they turn this into four lanes or five lanes with a center turn lane or something like that then I guess that would be a good improvement,” Kilgore said.

The need for improvements is why Fort Worth wants to annex a portion of this road.

“They’re approving all the homes and all the traffic that is on these two-lane roads but they aren’t doing anything to improve the roads,” Kilgore said. “So, if this gets the roads improved, gets them widened and improves throughput through here then I’d be fine with it.”

Portions of Willow Springs and Wagley Robertson Road in north Tarrant County and West Cleburne Road in south Tarrant are being considered.

This would give Fort Worth control over safety improvements like lighting, sidewalks and even widening roads.

Neighbors though are concerned the annexations might lead to more takeovers.

“I currently live in an unincorporated neighborhood,” Kilgore said. “I moved out here and it was pretty country-ish and they’ve been growing and expanding ever since. I certainly don’t want to see them incorporating my neighborhood.”

Fort Worth’s Director of Development Services D.J. Harrell addressed those concerns.

“The city is not looking to do any of that in any of these situations,” Harrell said. “What we will be doing is making it better for even those folks in unincorporated areas to move about to home, to work, to school.”

“If there is improvement made that don’t infringe on people’s property rights out here I think that’s fine,” Kilgore said.

Between 2025 and 2039 Fort Worth is looking at 18 other potential areas to annex.  11 of those are due to urban development.

The city council could take action on the annexation at the Dec. 12 meeting.

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