Flooded roads took over parts of Butte County | News

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Certain parts of Southern Butte County are flooded making it hard to drive around town.

BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. – Rain is shutting down roads across Butte County.

Closures include Cox Lane, Middle and Low Honcut Roads and Stimpson Road.

Certain parts of southern Butte County are looking more like swamps than roads, many areas shut down as of this morning already after this weekend’s rain.

But the posted road closures and flooded road signs are not stopping some people. Some people turn around as soon as they see the road closure signs while others continue to drive.

Michael Roberts works in the area near Stimpson Road. He told Action News Now this time of year these roads tend to get super flooded. But he has never seen Stimpson Road get like this.

Flooded road

“I mean I work out here and we have to go through little puddles all the time,” Roberts said. ” But I have this big truck and I stopped and wanted to turn around you know. Safe then sorry. That’s pretty wrong and pretty gnarly yeah.”

The roads near Cox Lane are not entirely flooded.

Sharon Angle lives near Cox Lane and says the little flooding we see now is nothing compared to previous years.

“It’s been worse it’s not bad right now,” Angle said. “When it’s flooded I don’t leave home.”

With more rain expected, officials warn everyone to pay attention and never drive past any road closure signs.

Check the county website for road condition updates.

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