Final Fantasy 16: Where to Find Meteorite & How to Use It

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The Meteorite is a valuable resource found in Final Fantasy 16. Here is how players can acquire it.

Featured Final Fantasy 16 Where To Find Meteorite and how to use it

Final Fantasy 16 has amassed a lot of acclaim from players and critics alike. There were doubts about the game since it was taking a different route from its regular turn-based combat. However, Square Enix’s decision to go with a real-time approach was well-received by players. As they take control of Clive Rosfield, players will find powerful accessories that aid them in their journey.

Needless to say, some of them are better than the rest, and for this reason, it is imperative to upgrade them so that Clive is strong enough to take down the powerful monsters present in Final Fantasy 16. In order to increase the overall potency of weapons and gear, players will need to get their hands on different items, one of which is the meteorite.

Where to Find Meteorite

Meteorite is a resource that is found in abundance throughout the game. This means there are various ways of obtaining the item. The easiest way to get the meteorite is by buying it directly from Charon’s Toll. She can be found in the Hideaway, but the item will not be available immediately. Players will need to complete the story to a certain point for it to appear in Charon’s inventory.

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Luckily, there are other merchants who also sell meteorites. The Guardian Quartermaster (found during the Black Light Burns quest in the Lazarus District, Rosaria) and the merchant standing beside a Chocobo (found during the Bloodlines quest in Amber, Rosaria) are two of the more accessible options. Each meteorite costs 1,000 Gil, so it is definitely on the more expensive side.

In case players do not have enough Gil or want to save it for other accessories, they can acquire meteorites through other means. They can find it scattered in different parts of the world. The item can also be earned after defeating certain foes; it will subsequently be displayed on the spoils screen.

How to Use Meteorite

Meteorite is mainly used to enhance and craft new weapons for Clive. After gathering enough meteorites, players will have to go to Blackthorne and talk to him. This will open up the crafting menu, and players will need to scroll manually to find the weapon or accessory that requires meteorites. Some weapons that require meteorites to be made are Grindstone, Levinbolt, and Flametongue.

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To reinforce already-crafted gear, players will need to press the R2 button, which will bring up the Reinforce menu. In this menu, players will find many items that require meteorites. One of the many items that players can reinforce is the Platinum Sword. They can +2 the sword, which increases the weapon’s attack to 220.

Final Fantasy 16 is exclusively available on PlayStation 5.

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