Final Fantasy 16: Carrot Hunt Location (How to Find & Beat Carrot)

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Hunt down the Morbol known as the Carrot in Final Fantasy 16 by following this guide.

Final Fantasy 16 Carrot Hunt Location (How to Find & Beat Carrot)

Partaking in the optional content in a JRPG like Final Fantasy 16 often allows players to see new things and experience interesting events. Sometimes, it can also lead to a daunting combat encounter that provides valuable rewards after the battle is won. Therefore, it is always recommended that players try to clear side quests as much as possible.

For the side quest called Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol, players will be tasked with obtaining a rare item called Morbol Tendril from Nigel, the Head Botanist back at the hideaway. The task may seem straightforward, but it requires players to eliminate the Morbol known as Carrot in Final Fantasy 16. Here’s what to expect in the coming battle.

Where to Find Carrot in Final Fantasy 16

Where To Find Carrot In Final Fantasy 16

After using the Hunt Board to locate the target, players will need to head to Rosaria and make their way to the area known as The Whispering Waters. The Three Reeds Obelisk is the nearest fast travel point, so start the journey from there.

How to Beat Carrot in Final Fantasy 16

Once Carrot makes its appearance, players can approach this like any other Morbol fight, just that this is a souped-up version of the enemy, and any mistakes will still get punished heavily.

  • As a refresher, Carrot is capable of both ranged and melee attacks. When Clive is near, it can swing its body or bite down to cause damage.
  • If Clive is further away, it will spew black goo that hurts on impact and also remains on the ground. Avoid these areas.
  • When it uses its tentacles, watch out for the rippling in the water to dodge out of the way.
  • Carrot can also use Bad Breath, which makes the area in front of it dangerous. Move to the side and attack freely to do some damage.
How To Beat Carrot In Final Fantasy 16 Burrow

  • With its health reduced, be on the lookout for its AoE breath attack, as well as the Burrow move, which sees the monster disappear into the ground before leaping to smash down several times.

The battle with Carrot will not be too different, just longer and tougher because of its increased health and powerful attacks. Just stay in the fight and constantly punish it with Eikonic Abilities, and it will eventually fall.

Harvesting the Carrot will win players 2000 XP, 70 Ability Points, 10000 Gil, as well as 20 Renown. In addition, the enemy will drop both a Morbol Tendril and a Morbol Flower, with the latter a key component in crafting. Bring the Morbol Tendril back to Nigel, and he will increase potion efficiency once again to aid Clive.

Final Fantasy 16 is exclusively available for PlayStation 5.

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