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Fable is a classic series with a lot of intriguing spin-offs to the main RPG games, but which of the games are the very best to date?

fable 1, fable 2, fable fortune covers

The fantasy world of Fable is a curious one with a lot of style and flair to it. With over two decades of Fable games in the franchise, the series is ready to turn back the clock and reboot with Fable 4. With no release date set, it’s the perfect time to look at the best Fable games.

There have been a variety of Fable titles ever since 2004. Spurning a larger franchise from the beginning, Fable quickly became one of the best RPGs, and this classic action-RPG series has varied in style and gameplay.

8 Fable Coin Golf

Fable Coin Golf

It is sometimes baffling where franchises like Fable will go to try and create something different. Fable has always enjoyed including elements of British lore since the land of Albion is based on the ancient United Kingdom. Coin Golf is just one of the pub games that was borrowed from the British for the series.

Turning it into a fantasy game for Windows phones was a strange decision. Players have to try and rid the land of evil by getting Puck, the player character, into the “Pillar of Light” in the least number of shots possible. Gold earned could be transferred into the Fable 3 game afterward, which was the appeal for the majority of fans.

7 Fable Heroes

Fable Heroes characters

A beat-em-up set in the Fable universe was an equally interesting decision on the part of the developers. Supposed to bring a family-friendly nature to the franchise, the hack-and-slash style of this adventure allowed players to take one of their favorite characters from the Fable franchise and launch into battle.

The option for co-op was also included with up to four players over Xbox Live when the game was released in 2012. The hero doll characters used were quite an artistic shift for the franchise to boot, as was the gameplay featured.

6 Fable 2 Pub Games

Fable 2 Pub Games with poker chips and cards

Fable 2 came with additional content inspired by classic British pub games. An Xbox Live Arcade title, the pub games collection included Keystone, Fortune’s Tower, and Spinnerbox. All the gold won through the game could be accessed by players when they returned to their Fable 2 game.

While this was a unique idea for 2008, and included various concept art that could be unlocked as players progressed, the idea of gambling for in-game money in a different game didn’t take off to a huge degree.

5 Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune characters

Another way that Fable has attempted to change up the style of the franchise came in the most recently released game in the franchise, Fable Fortune. This title is a free-to-play collectible card game set in the Fable Universe. Released in 2018, it provided players with the chance to interact with the Fable world differently.

While it received a mixed reception, Fable Fortune was a fun card game that managed to gain a level of following. Unfortunately, support for the game was discontinued after a lukewarm response from the fan base in mid-2020.

4 Fable 3

Fable 3 art of character with gun and sword

The third official entry in the Fable franchise took the unusual step of jumping so far forward in the timeline of Albion that the world now resembled more of a 19th-century Britain than the previous. While a bold choice, fans still loved the game and story, which featured the player character attempting to overthrow the king of Albion, their brother.

After succeeding in their quest, players then had to guard Albion against a great evil. A fantastic take on the franchise, but the least loved of the main entries by most fans. Fable 3 stands as the step that led to the decline of the franchise.

3 Fable: The Journey

Fable The Journey game cover

It feels strange to put a Kinect-exclusive game above one of the main entries in the franchise, but The Journey was a shock in how immersive and fun it managed to be. Allowing players to move their hands in certain patterns to form spells for combat, Fable: The Journey was one of the best Kinect releases the Xbox 360 ever had.

While The Journey, as with almost all Kinect games, had problems and critics complained about limitations, these were made up for by the strength of the narrative, which was at times positively heart-wrenching.

2 Fable

Fable Original Game box art image

The original Fable game has already been extended, re-released, and now will be rebooted. It still stands since its release in 2004 as one of the absolute best RPGs ever to exist. The story of The Hero of Oakvale, featuring such a great morality system, and the beautifully-designed land of Albion, were all great factors that helped Fable become legendary.

A classic story of loss that leads to the rising of a hero, Fable kept things classic and classy in narrative terms. Jack of Blades’ villainous story and the sacrifices that the hero makes to finally bring him down are all beautifully told, and Fable inspired many games to follow in the footsteps of the morality system as well as the darker tone for a game.

1 Fable 2

Fable 2 main character poster

It is hard for a completely original game to nail everything on the head, and Fable from the start wanted to do so much that was completely original to the gaming world that it was always going to be hard to perfect the systems. But while these were all upgraded and improved in the sequel, the real surprise was that the story and setting were also greatly improved.

The shift by five hundred years into the future of Albion, giving the world a more 16th-century sort of feel, and the additions to gameplay such as the larger world and extra side missions, as well as the property empires that players could build, made for a much-improved game. Taking place over the entire lifetime of their hero, Fable 2 was a journey unlike any other at the time, which nobody has as yet been able to repeat.

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