Eva Cassidy’s Music Reaches New Generations With AI Technology

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Eva Cassidy’s music continues to bring joy to millions of listeners even after her passing in 1996.

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Her posthumous fame came around when her version of the Christine McVie-penned “Songbird” gained popularity, and was championed by Terry Wogan of BBC Radio 2 for its heartbreaking clarity and purity of her voice.

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With the help of AI technology, her dream of having orchestral accompaniment has now been achieved in her new album, “I Can Only Be Me”.

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The recording of the album took seven years with the help of classical composer Christopher Willis and AI technology.

This technology was similar to that used by director Peter Jackson in “The Beatles: Get Back”.

The production of the album involved Cassidy’s live recordings from the 1996 concert, making her voice clear and separate it from the noise that happened in a club.

At the time of her passing, Cassidy only had a single self-financed live record and she unfortunately could not find a record label.

However, people everywhere are now discovering her music and enjoying it for what it is; an example of an extraordinary artist with a huge orchestral backing.

It is known that Cassidy never understood how great of an artist she was, so the fact that her music continues to reach new generations decades after her death is definitely a testament to her legacy.

Credit: https://www.itv.com/news/2023-03-02/eva-cassidy-to-release-new-album-with-help-of-ai-technology



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