Dreamcatcher surprises fans with Instagram accounts

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On January 13, girl group Dreamcatcher gave fans a sweet surprise by opening personal Instagram accounts. The account reveal was in celebration of the group’s 5th debut anniversary. All members currently sit between 42k to 52k followers.

Having been with fans for five long years, the group gave them the surprise of solo accounts, while taking a step forward in their journey.

Dreamcatcher open personal Instagram accounts after five years of debut

Dreamcatcher’s decision to launch public individual Instagram accounts has become the biggest surprise for fans celebrating the group’s fifth debut anniversary. The girl group, managed by Dreamcatcher Company (formerly called Happyface Entertainment), officially debuted in January 2017.

The group’s all-in-one leader, JiU, (@minjiu__u), who also holds the lead vocalist, lead dancer, and visual position, dedicated her first picture to a photoshoot of her sitting in cotton-made clouds.

SuA (@sualelbora), the lead rapper and main dancer, chose to upload multiple photos showcasing her love for cameras to commemorate the launch of her Instagram.

Lead vocalist Yoohyeon (@ms.yoohyeonkim) chose her first photo to be of something she loves the most – taking a stroll in nature. The idol even captioned the post with the date and emojis of leaves and sun.

The talented main rapper Dami (@00ld_ami) posted aesthetic pictures of her basking in nature. With a simple caption of a butterfly emoji, the rapper’s photo shows the difference between her on-screen and off-screen personality.

Lead vocalist Siyeon (@______s2ing) went a unique way by making her first photo be of her neck tattoo. The idol probably knows how fans love every instance of her showing off her tattoos and chose to surprise fans with another glimpse of it.

Handong (@0.0_handong), the sub vocalist, posted an ethereal photo holding a laced white umbrella. She cutely addressed the fandom in the caption, saying, “InSomnia, I’m here” with heart emojis.

Gahyeon (@fox._.zzlo_), the lead rapper and maknae surprised fans with the latest update – her short hair. A majority of comments under Gahyeon’s post are about the idol cutting her long hair short and still looking mesmerizing.

Take a look at how fans are reacting to the personal Instagram launch news:



I can see Gahyeon, Yoohyeon, Sua, and Jiu being the most active on instagram, I think Handong should be tooThis is so cool, if they hangout with other idols now they can just tag the specific member in their posts or stories or whatever lol

me drunk @ 4am seeing Everglow perform Pirate on a pirate ship and subsequently seeing all 7 members of Dreamcatcher open individual Instagram accounts https://t.co/QlABHVbio5

More about girl group Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher’s recent comeback was Summer Holiday, a special EP with the title track BEcause. The group was formerly called MINX, a five-member girl group that then added two more members (Handong and Gahyeon) and re-debuted with their current name.

The group’s concept and discography received applause from many K-pop stans for taking the road less taken. The group focuses primarily on metal rock music. Their concept represents ‘Seven Nightmares,’ in which each member represents a fear or nightmare. The story is usually dark with undertones of horror and fantasy, completely contrasting to the aegyo-pastel-hued-bubble-gum K-pop girl group.

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