David Ellefson (DIETH) on RockOverdose: “”To Hell And Back” is a record that cuts the cord with our past!”

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Death thrash force DIETH – featuring the iconic line-up of Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Swedish Grammy nominated guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated) – finally make their highly anticipated return with the upcoming release of their debut full-length via Napalm Records, entitled To Hell And Back, out June 2, 2023!

Rockoverdose.gr had the chance to speak with David Ellefson in detail about this brand new beginning and makes clear that DIETH isn’t just another side project or “supergroup”, but rather the collective reincarnation of three renowned heavy metal forces who, by harnessing their own pain and conflict, have delivered an exciting next chapter no metal fan will want to miss!

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RockOverdose: Hi David! How are you?

David Ellefson (DIETH): Hey, goodmorning! I’m doing well! Good to see you!

RockOverdose:It’s been a long time since we hosted you in our webzine! So, now here we are again with your brand new band – Dieth! How was it formed? How you 3 guys got together?

David Ellefson (DIETH): Well, it was an email introduction back in January 2022, by the dear friend of mine Christian Lawrence from the band Dead By Wednesday, who one day just hit me and tell me that Guilherme is starting a new band, post Entombed A.D. and I was post Megadeth at that point, and Michal was post Decapitated, so that was somehow like a new year’s – new friendships – new music, it was all kinda fresh! So, it all went well for all of us, we’re all pretty excited and we did it remotely on that point ’cause we’re still coming out from covid. Few months later I got over to Europe, in Gdańsk (Poland) we’ve been talking about shooting a video for our first song “The Hall Of The Hanging Serpents” and actually there was the first time we met. It was a fresh new journey!

You know, I’ve said yes to a lot of things, to me my musical friendships are probably the best frendships I got ’cause look now here we are talking about something new, which spreads itself out all over the world!

RockOverdose: Right, your debut album is going to be released on June 2 nd via Napalm Records under the title “To Hell And Back”. It’s obvious that you 3 share somehow a common background, as you’ve all been through hell and back and now with this record you set your statement – you’re reborn! Don’t you?  

David Ellefson (DIETH): Yeah! I think that you put that out very elegantly and perfectly, that’s exactly what it is! In fact the very world itself, I basically made the w.

ord up just one day in a conversation, and it meant that “Dying to the Past”!

I don’t think we always close the door on things and never look into that room again, it’s ok to look into that room, there’re good memories although it was kind of rough, you keep what you’ve learned from your past and take what you can from it and move forward. Now it’s time for new stuff! And  you’re right, it’s a new journey now!

background singer

DIETH – Photo credit: Maciej Pieloch

RockOverdose:Would you like to comment on each of your new bandmates.What do you admire most of them to make you trust them and work together.

David Ellefson (DIETH): Well, Guilherme was the first of the two that I’ve spoken via email and then on phone etc. He has a big presence, he has a big sound on guitar and voice. He is very unashamed about his pushing forward and I love that about him. Every group needs something like that, such a personality. I’m kind of like (in a lot groups that I’ve been in) I’m sort of the support from behind.

The first time I met Michal was on the video shooting. We always joke that he’s very Polish, he has this stoic look, he’s got a beautiful soul, he’s got a contagious laugh and when he’s in the roon you know he’s in the room! You know what I mean? He’s also a very dominary presence.

So I think is cool that there’s a three piece, we got these three people with different personalities and we all have very different roles in the band. Every band member has a role inside of a group and it’s fun working with a three piece because in some levels it’s easier because you’re less people make the decisions. These two gendlemen have both had their international recording and touring experience so I think first of all this is a trust, I’m not dealing with amateurs or guys that still have stars in their eyes and delusion about what this is. Because if you’ve done this for real in rock n’ roll there’s always a bit of delusion about what it is and how it’s supposed to be. When you’ve been through the process of making records and writing songs and touring and doing the promotion and all this stuff, now that’s the whole difference – communication. And I loved that two strangers and me being a stranger to them, that it “clicked” so well, not just musically but also personality! Now we’re going to live together here, so far noone seems to have any issues on drinking, drugs or other stuff, I’ve been through all that myself and my patience is a bit too low for that. I’m prefer somebody who has the whole package.

RockOverdose: Dieth is obviously heavier than any project you’ve been to. How easy was for you as a band to create a new sound together without bringing sounds of your past?

David Ellefson (DIETH): Well, I never really thought of it that way but it seems to be the general consensus – what you’ve said. The heaviest thing I’ve done and I’ve played some heavy stuff with other guys, but to create something on your own is definetely something different. First of all, Guilherme worked in initial ideas, that set the bass line and the intensity. I think that we play what we play because it’s just who we are. So our performances on some level have a little bit of our signature on, but I think it shows maturity that the three of us walked into a situation and accepted of what it is and what do we need to do inside this. There’re times when , like myself I would get a call and they’ll ask me to play as a sessionist cause they want the signature of David Ellefson. There’re also other times like this which we started something brand new, it’s a blank canvas and we created our own sound, lyrics, stories … so that means you create your personal sound, tone etc So,  this is where I think all the three of us beeing a stud musician and our experience as recording artists pays off! This is the momment to walk in and be vulnerable in that sense, and there’s respect to each other, we dont discount anyones ideas, it’s a new thing that we address it within a fresh value! Not everybody can do that, you know? It requires to set behind your ego, your resume etch and all this means that you’re more healthy in that sense, in emotions and also inteligence as individuals to walk in and create music, enjoy it and have fun!

You need to be a fan of your own music, you know? If you’re not, how can you ever take it out to someone else? Excitement is contagious, and when you’re excited about it you can feel it, you can hear it in a conversation like us today, you can see it in a video… that is contagious as well and spreads nicely.

RockOverdose: Did you have in mind a special concept or you just let your feelings flow while writing the songs? I ask that because after listening to it I got this feeling that somehow the songs connect to each other. The album starts very furiously and in the end is giving this relief sense… Was that made on purpose?

David Ellefson (DIETH): Yeah! I think you’re 100% on point and no we did not started as a concept record but it turned out to be one, didn’t it? You realy hear it, when it starts with “To Hell & Back” and then it goes through this whole journey with “Free Us All”. “Walk with me forever” etc and it finishes with “Mark of Cane” and “Severance”.. I think that the last song “Severance” says so much and there’s no lyric on it, it’s instrumental. It’s sort of a reprise if you will, like coming back from the begining to complete the thought. And not many records work like that. I just listened to one yesterday, it was my first record ever bought it’s the Bachman-Turner Overdrive / Not Fragile , and at the very end there’s a song on the record called “Givin’ It All Away” where it has the lyric from the very first song which is “not fragile“! Ghost also did it in their latest record “Impera”, we also heard Robert Plant doing it when he went solo, just as a reminder that this is the guy from the Led Zeppelin (as if we needed any reminder! but why not?) … I think that’s very clever and I love the way we did it. Our last song I think its making ties with “To Hell And Back”. Now that we’ve gone “To Hell And Back” all the journey, you can hear it, you can hear the intensity, the story, it’s a completed thought record and then at the end we cut the tie, we cut the cord – no longer connected! I think that says it all! It’s the break of the partnership of that old life!

RockOverdose: You’ve been always very active and creative, I believe that you’ve finally found yourself being not just the bass player but actually using all your musical facualties. Aren’t you? Is something you’ve always needed and you finally have the chance to fullfill?

David Ellefson (DIETH): First of all thank you for noticing that and acknowledging it! You’re right, it is true! You know, in every band you have a role, so when I come into different musical settings usually as the bass player, sometimes as a songwritter, background singer or contribuing into whatever it is.. In a lot of ways this is kind of completing a big circle of life for me, because obviously I’ve spent so many years with a particular band, that became an identity and how the people view you, actors go through this too. Some people are so ingrained in the fabric that you can’t almost seperate them out from. I’ve never wanted to go solo, so to speak. I’m not a solo guy. I’m a hang up with my buddies guy. I would agree that this is a kind of rebirth, reset moments of me. It’s also sort of going back completing the circle of my musical life, cause I started playing bass when I was 11-12 years old and I had my first band, a three piece, I was one of the two singers so it’s kind of funny that I’m back doing this again in my life. In my first band we were friends, we were buddies and with these guys Guilherme, &  Michał there’s a mutual easy friendship right away that made the process work for sure. It was not like the needed a bass player, come and sign the contract, it wasn’t like that, it started prior with friendship and music.

RockOverdose: You are a power trio of experienced musicians and well respected, does this helped you promote your material more easy or you felt this might be an obstacle to your next steps?

David Ellefson (DIETH): Well, because it’s heavy music I think for sure it helps. If that was a jazz record it would be so interesting. It’s a heavy metal record and for sure our background brings attention. But we’re not selling it that way. It’s we as a band, not a supergroup of three famous guys. Our first thing to do was to drop a song,“In The Hall Of The Hanging Serpents”,  it’s the very first thing we did as an un-announced band! It just popped-up one afternoon on my facebook and it realy blew up! We got an incredible attention! I think to me it’s always the right way to do. As Joe Perry said, “Let the music do the talking…”! 

RockOverdose: You’re right! Well, I know that you have announced some shows in festivals this summer. Not only with Dieth but also with Kings Of Thrash. Is there any plan to visit Greece? 

David Ellefson (DIETH): Well, you know it’s all open now! So, the first thing is to put the music out, put the first show and every time we put a new song out, the more interviews we do, the more shows we announce. This is the time to raise the awareness, to let people know us. It’s so easy with the internet now. Everytime we move forward there’s more interest. Of course we’d love to come to Greece but I don’t know when, where or how yet…

RockOverdose:I wish you all the best and hope someday to see you back in Greece cause people here really love and support your work. You’re a brave man Dave,  in this cruel industry that can easily cancel you you still stand on stronger than ever. I think that you’re lucky enough to have such support. Wish you all the best!

David Ellefson (DIETH): Thank you very much! I appreciate it! Tell everybody hello from me!

For RockOverdose,

Vivi Zapantiotou

bass player


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