Chris Gloninger, climate change weatherman, quits after death threat

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The devastation that Hurricane Bob wrought on Chris Gloninger‘s hometown of Sag Harbor, New York left a lasting impression on the then-second grader.

From his family’s home in the small village located on eastern Long Island, Gloninger bore witness to a hurricane that ultimately claimed 18 lives and caused potentially billions of dollars in damage, becoming one of the most catastrophic in New England’s history.

The experience was as enlightening as it was sobering for a young Gloninger, who saw firsthand the severe toll that extreme weather can have on humankind.

KCCI nightly news anchor Steve Karlin, middle along with his co-anchor Stacey Horst, and chief meteorologist Chris Gloninger, right, sit together in the studio on air in Des Moines on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

It’s why late in his career as a meteorologist, Gloninger began making it a point to regularly educate his audience about the effects of climate change — an interest he maintained when he joined Des Moines, Iowa’s CBS affiliate KCCI in 2021.

But Gloninger’s coverage of what has become a highly-politicized topic drew the ire of some of the station’s viewership, eventually crescendoing last summer in a death threat. The vitriol Gloninger received is partly what attributed to his decision to depart from the station next month, ending an 18-year career in meteorology, Gloninger told USA TODAY on Thursday.

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