Carrie Underwood Admitted Her “Worst Nightmare” on Twitter and Country Music Fans Lost It

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Carrie Underwood just spoke out about a longtime fear of hers, but she likely didn’t expect her fans to have a visceral reaction to it.

On May 26, Twitter user @rickeverittuk tagged the “Out of That Truck” singer in a video and photo showcasing turtles swimming in a river in Texas. He then captioned the post by joking that Carrie would probably “love” to be near the reptilian animals as they hung out. But when she responded to the tweet the next day, it appeared that she didn’t seem too sold on the idea. What’s more, the country singer inferred that she’ll probably never be present for anything involving turtles.

“My worst nightmare …👎🙅‍♀️,” she wrote on May 27.

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When fans saw the American Idol alum’s take on the surprise subject, they immediately started laughing in the comments. Unsurprisingly, some folks couldn’t help but kid around with Carrie after her reply.

“😂,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Watch Isaiah and Jacob want a turtle as a future pet … 🐢💚😅😂🤣🙂,” a different follower joked, mentioning her two sons with husband Mike Fisher. “So that’s a no to turtles … how do you feel about frogs?” another added with a caveat for her thoughts on the amphibian.

Although Carrie never did answer the question about frogs, she has opened up in the past about her fear of turtles. During a January 2021 appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the “Before He Cheats” songstress disclosed how the phobia came about. It turns out that she’s been afraid of turtles since childhood, after experiencing some mishaps with them.

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“It’s not a petrifying fear of turtles [but] I feel like out of all the animals on the planet, they’re the ones who have bit me the most,” she said on the daytime TV show. “It’s very strange. I grew up in the country. Turtles were the easiest things to catch because they are slow.”

Carrie continued: “I would catch them and I love animals so much that I feel like I would always try to pet them or hug them and that led them to taking opportunities. I’ve been bitten by lots of turtles — it does not feel good.”

Though an unexpected fear, it does make sense!

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