Carnegie Science Center holds Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair

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Students in grades 6-12 in the Pittsburgh region will come to the Carnegie Science Center on Tuesday and Wednesday to present their personal science projects.

Categories for these projects include biology, Earth and environment, computer science and math, and consumer science. After presenting their projects to a series of volunteer judges, students have the chance to win in their select categories, as well as the Student Choice Award selected by their peers.

The program saw a rapid decline during COVID-19. Chief of the judge advisory committee Chuck Vukotich said it’s “been a very difficult time for science fairs, for science in general in the schools, because the schools are still recovering from COVID. Science clubs aren’t being done. But hopefully next year we’ll be back.”

The competition typically welcomes 1,000 students, although this year the number of participants was less than 500. But, the students continue to show up, and officials at the Carnegie Science Center hope these numbers will continue to grow.

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