Best Skills In Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Best Skills In Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a lot of skills for players to develop, but what is the best one?

A trisplit of three of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 skills


  • ADR/Hazardous Materials skill allows players to transport dangerous materials, but lacks interesting rewards.
  • Fragile Cargo skill increases experience gained and rewards for completing deliveries.
  • Ecodriving skill decreases fuel consumption, saving time and money in long journeys.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of the most well-known driving games, and for good reason. The map is expansive, the DLCs are brilliant and add so much more to explore, and the business side of the game is just as well designed as everything else. As players start their trucking business, they will discover that the game offers skills to change how some of the game works.

These skills add a lot to the experience of Euro Truck Simulator 2,but with all of the ranks and the differing rewards, players might not know which one is the best.

6 ADR/Hazardous Materials

Gives Players More Variety Of Cargo

A screen showing the ranks of the ADR skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2

ADR/Hazardous Materials is a skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2, which allows players to transport dangerous materials instead of the usual deliveries. These range from explosives to corrosive materials and is the only skill in-game that doesn’t have to be unlocked in order, so players can pick and choose what they want to transport. However, it is the least interesting skill in the game, as there is not much of a reward for transporting these. This skill can take some of the relaxation out of what is otherwise a great game to not focus on.

For players looking for a slightly different cargo, ADR/Hazardous Materials is useful. For everyone else, maxing out the other skills first might be more beneficial.

5 Fragile Cargo

Great For Racking Up Experience

A screen showing the ranks of the Fragile Cargo skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Fragile Cargo works similarly to ADR/Hazardous Materials in that it changes the cargo. However, unlike that skill, the ranks of the skill increase the experience gained by players for completing these deliveries, and the reward gained increases from a 5% bonus in rank one to a 30% bonus in rank 6. There is also an experience bonus for completing these deliveries, with players receiving 22% more XP regardless of what rank they are at.

Fragile Cargo is a good skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2 for players who want the advantage of some different cargo but who also want a bigger reward for it.

4 Just-In-Time Delivery

Offers More Challenge And Increased Experience Gain

A screen showing the ranks of the Just In Time Delivery skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Just-In-Time Delivery is a skill that offers an increased challenge for players, so it might be better suited for late-game players. The skill offers players deliveries to complete in a shortened time frame. These are separated into important deliveries, which only have a reduced time frame, and urgent deliveries, which need to be completed ASAP. The urgent deliveries are unlocked at rank 2, and from there, the experience earned for completing them keeps increasing. The reward also increases as the ranks do, with players gaining a 30% increase in reward for urgent deliveries at rank 6.

Just-In-Time Delivery can make Euro Truck Simulator 2 more difficult both on the player and on the business, but the experience gained in this skill makes it a good one to invest in.

3 High-Value Cargo

Useful For Early-Game Players Trying To Make Money

A screen showing the ranks of the High Value Cargo skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2

High-Value Cargo is a brilliant skill for increasing income, making it a good option for new players to start exploring. At rank one, the reward for a high-value delivery increases by 5%. At rank 2, this doubles before increasing to 15% at rank 3. From there, it continues increasing by 5% up to rank 6, which offers a 30% higher reward for completing these deliveries. Meanwhile, players receive 18% more experience for completing these deliveries. Players will also get to experience the hilarity of hauling tractors behind the truck and trying to keep the truck upright.

High-Value Cargo is a great moneymaking skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2, which makes it a good early-game skill to invest in. The rewards are absolutely worth it.

2 Ecodriving

Decreased Fuel Consumption Means Saving Time And Money

A screen showing the ranks of the Ecodriving skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Ecodriving is a skill that is too often overlooked by Euro Truck Simulator 2 players, but it’s one of the best skills in the game. Where a lot of other skills in the game increase moneymaking potential, this skill saves players money. The skill decreases fuel consumption, meaning players will not have to stop and refuel so much on long journeys: this saves both money and time, as the only stops players will need to make regularly are rest stops. Rank one decreases fuel consumption by 10%, already saving so much time. At rank 2, this goes up to 15% and increases to 20% at rank 3. By the time players unlock rank 6, they’re up to 35% less fuel consumption.

Ecodriving is an invaluable skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2, especially in the early game stages when there isn’t as much money coming into the truck business. It continues to be valuable as the length of deliveries increases.

1 Long Distance

Being Able To Travel Anywhere Gives Players More Opportunities

A screen showing the ranks of the Long Distance skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Finally, Long Distance is the best skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2. This skill increases the length of deliveries, with players being able to complete deliveries up to 400 miles at rank one. At rank 2, this increases to 650 miles, before rank 3 pushes this up to 1000 miles. Rank 6 even offers players the opportunity to deliver cargo along any route to anywhere, from anywhere. That’s not all either: players gain 25% extra experience for any deliveries over 250 miles just for unlocking rank one, and the reward gained increases as the ranks go up as well.

Long Distance is the best skill in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Players will get to explore even more of the expansive map in-game through this skill and will get rewarded for doing so. What could be better?

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