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These people have shown that they are the finest at what they do by pushing the limits of their creativity.

Mei Senku and Okabe

Anime features a wide variety of protagonists and antagonists. The spectrum of heroic heroes and quiet recluses is wide. The inventors, who are central figures in a wide variety of anime subgenres, are among these characters. These scientists and engineers apply their knowledge to the creation of useful new tools, advancing society as a whole.

Anime is littered with inventors that have left their imprint on the industry, such as Vegapunk from One Piece and Senku from Dr. Stone. Their extraordinary ingenuity and ability to come up with new ideas on the spot have ensured their position in anime lore.

7 Hatsume Mei

my hero academia happy mei hatsume

Hatsume Mei, a member of My Hero Academia‘s support class, takes on challenges that the series’ heroes typically avoid. She has the ability to whip up new devices with the snap of her fingers because of her intelligence and confidence. She also never passes up a chance to promote her creations.

The adaptability of Mei’s creations is what sets them apart. Mei’s tremendous practical skills also come into play, as she can whip up devices to fix problems almost instantly after learning of them. Mei is known for creating innovative items, such as the air force gloves and iron soles worn by the series’ protagonist, Midoriya.

6 Lloyd Asplund

Lloyd repulsed look

In the anime series Code Geass, Lloyd is famous for creating the Knightmare frame, which is a humanoid combat machine. He disregards the honor of being an Earl of Britannia. Lloyd considers people to be interchangeable parts of a machine. His passion for science shows how cold he is to people.

Lloyd is a brilliant inventor who made numerous advances in military technology for the British Empire. But his most famous work is The Lancelot, the first Knightmare Frame of the seventh generation. Pilot Suzaku Kurugi displayed the full capabilities of the Lancelot. Lancelot’s creation is extremely remarkable, with its float system and flame-luminous system.

5 Kisuke Urahara


Kisuke Urahara, the former captain of the Gotei 13‘s 12th Division, is well-known for many things because of his role in the Bleach anime series. Among these is his enthusiasm for creating new things. Kisuke is a relaxed and upbeat guy. He prefers to be more of a catalyst or observer in most situations than an active participant. But when it’s time to add a new invention to his collection, Urahara’s imagination runs wild.

Kisuke Urahara is a prolific inventor. However, the Gigai artificial bodies, the Reiatsu-concealing cloak, and the Hogyoku (crumbling orb) stand out as the most remarkable. The Hogyoku, in particular, is Urahara’s crowning achievement in terms of technological innovation. The Hogyoku has the potential to blur the line between Shinigami and Hollow, and Hollow and Shinigami. It’s unique in that it can make the dreams of those around it come true.

4 Rintaro Okabe

Okabe talking to the viewer in the Steins Gate anime

The protagonist of Steins;Gate, Rintaro Okabe is a mysterious mad scientist who claims to have created numerous “notable” inventions. Despite his intelligence, he was initially shown to be a melodramatic tsundere, earning him the nickname “Okarin.” But Rintaro was naturally generous, even to complete strangers.

The PhoneWave is Rintaro’s most famous creation. When Rintaro first invented the PhoneWave, he didn’t think it could travel through time. When Rintaro learns how technology really works, he decides to try communicating with the past through DMails. Having built a time machine, unquestionably one of the most remarkable inventions ever, Rintaro has earned his place in history as a great inventor.

3 Kayaba Akihiko

Kayaba Akihiko of Sword Art Online

In the world of Sword Art Online, the name Kayaba Akihiko would become legendary. His innovations and ideas essentially established the virtual world in which the series is based. Kayaba, the famous creator, always kept a low profile. His lifelong love of reading served as the inspiration for Kayaba’s most notable creation, Sword Art Online.

For virtual reality, MMORPGs, Sword Art Online was ground zero. The game’s virtual environment was so sophisticated that it even included a realistic simulation of the flavor of the food the players ate. To say that the massively multiplayer online virtual reality game Sword Art Online is creative would be an understatement.

2 Vegapunk

Vegapunk's real body On Egghead Island

The exciting pirate escapades in the One Piece anime are well known. As the series progresses, however, viewers learn that One Piece‘s world is not nearly as ancient as they were led to believe. The series’ most famous scientist and inventor, Vegapunk, is as offbeat as they come. The Brain Brain devil fruit he ate gave him memory and processing capabilities much above those of a normal human being.

Vegapunk has made numerous game-changing innovations thanks to his improved data storage and processing capacity. Vegapunk is responsible for the development of everything from cyborgs and clones to laser technology.

1 Ishigami Senku

Senku Ishigami

After a global reset, it is Senku’s responsibility, as the protagonist of the Dr. Stone anime series, to bring humanity out of the Stone Age and into the Modern Age. Senku was always an intelligent and inquisitive child. Senku faces his toughest challenge to date in trying to save all of humanity through scientific advancement after contemporary civilization was petrified for 3700 years and deteriorated to the Stone Age.

To save humanity, Senku must invent things again and again, making do with the dwindling resources of Earth. Senku is able to reconstruct despite a dearth of materials through improvisation that would stun 21st-century experts.

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