Analysis: Mahomes, Hurts set for historic matchup Kansas City News

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Hurts, a finalist along with Mahomes for AP NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year, missed two games late in the season with a shoulder injury. The Eagles haven’t had to lean on him in two lopsided playoff wins. He has only 275 yards passing and two TDs along with 73 yards rushing and two scores.

“I know I’ve been through a lot personally, but I don’t want to steer away from the direction of how good this team has been at playing together, being together, and challenging one another,” Hurts said. “When we experience some painful times and some tough times, we always found a way to overcome. You want to be going into a situation like this, and we have a chance to go out there and win it all, so we want to prepare to go do that.”

He had no intention of lighting up a victory cigar after a hard-fought win.

“I don’t think we have any cigars, but we’ll be ready to go at the Super Bowl,” Mahomes said, poking fun at Joe Burrow’s penchant for puffing those after big wins.

Only one QB can win the Super Bowl. Whether it’s Hurts or Mahomes, it’s another victory for the Black QBs who were overlooked throughout the years.

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