3 Surprise Facts about Charlie Moore from Love Off The Grid EXCLUSIVE!

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3 Surprise Facts about Charlie Moore from Love Off The Grid EXCLUSIVE!
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Love Off The Grid Charlie Moore secrets

Love Off The Grid star Jen Taylor faced a difficult decision. She has four sons and a beautiful beach home in south Florida. But, the 47-year-old single suburban mom has fallen for the one that got away, 50-year-old mountain man Charlie Moore.

Charlie lives in a hunting shack near Black Mountain, North Carolina. He loves his “off the grid” life on the mountain so much that he would not consider moving to Florida to be with Jen and her boys. Also motivating Charlie to stay on the mountain is his mother, who is legally blind and living alone in a nice house on the same mountain property.

Although viewers got to know Charlie pretty well over the six episodes of Love Off The Grid Season 1, there is quite a lot about Charlie that he didn’t reveal. A few of those things will probably come as a big surprise to many fans!

1. Charlie was married before.

Jen talks at length about her ex-husband on the show, but I don’t believe Charlie ever brings up the fact that he was once married?
According to court records, Charlie tied the knot with a woman named Melinda in 2001. I was unable to determine when (or if) they divorced. Melinda is about the same age as Charlie. Her most recent address listed online is about 30 minutes from Black Mountain.
I could find no evidence that Charlie has any children.

Charlie from Love Off The Grid old photos wearing a mermaid bikini top

2. Charlie lived in Florida and Myrtle Beach

On the show, Charlie seems to suggest he has lived pretty much his entire life on the mountain. However, court, police and property records indicate that he has also lived near the water in Florida and South Carolina.
Charlie signed a $127,300 mortgage for a small condominium in Punta Gorda, Florida in June of 2006. He is described as an “unmarried man” in the documents, so I assume that his 2001 marriage had ended. Perhaps Charlie’s bride didn’t want to leave the mountain?

Less than two years after purchasing the condo, there was a lien taken out due to Charlie owing maintenance and late fees. Charlie sold the condo in December of 2008.

On the warranty deed for the sale of the condo, Charlie lists an address in Little River, South Carolina. Little River is a small town near the North Carolina and South Carolina border, just north of Myrtle Beach.

Charlie was named in a “rule to vacate” order for his Little River apartment in October of 2009. However, it appears that Charlie was able to avoid eviction.
Thanks to his apparent propensity for speeding and not wearing a seat belt, Charlie received numerous traffic citations in Horry County, South Carolina. He lists the same Little River address up until he got a ticket in December of 2013. That ticket lists a Myrtle Beach apartment address for Charlie. He got another ticket in July of 2016 with the same Myrtle Beach address.

Love Off The Grid Charlie Moore is an actor, was in the movie Absolute Killers

3. Charlie Moore Is An Actor

Charlie has an IMDB page under his full legal name, Charle Austin Moore II. His acting credits include a role in the 2011 movie Absolute Killers. The film was a low budget production directed by Heather Chase and filmed in western North Carolina. It also starred Edward Furlong, Meat Loaf and Ed Asner.
Here is part of the plot synopsis:

Johnny Graham, raised by the Torino crime family after the death of his parents, is repeatedly torn between loyalty to his adoptive family and his conscience. When Anthony Torino, the volatile heir-apparent, turns his deadly sights on the DA prosecuting him for the cold-blooded murder of his own cousin, Johnny is finally moved to act.

Charlie plays the role of Julian, the cousin who is the victim of the bloody murder mentioned above. I’ve put together a trimmed-down scene featuring Charlie and included it below.

To set the stage for the scene, Charlie has been sleeping with the girlfriend of crime boss (and cousin) Anthony Torino. Anthony finds out and decides to confront Charlie’s character — after roughing up his cheating girlfriend.
Take it away Charlie!


Fantastic! That is probably Charlie’s second best performance, right behind Love Off The Grid! 😉
There are some acting profile pages for Charlie, but it seems most of them have been scrubbed. I will conclude this post with a few of Charlie’s acting photos. My apologies for the poor quality, but I could only find them on cached versions of Charlie’s profiles.
Love Off The Grid Charlie Moore acting photos

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