14-year-old already known by police charged for Destiny USA shooting

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A 14-year-old has been arrested and is accused of the Friday, February 24, shooting at Destiny USA, NewsChannel 9 was first to report based on conversations with two sources familiar with the investigation.

Syracuse Police confirmed the arrest at an already-scheduled briefing by Mayor Ben Walsh, but declined to share the information beforehand.

Last Friday, while many families were enjoying the mall for mid-winter recess, the gunman fired into a trash can outside Cinnabon.

Based on updated information, police now say the shooter aimed toward the group of people arguing with his group, but missed. Initially, police said he was not aiming at people.

After hearing, if not seeing the gunfire, shoppers and families either went running to find safety outside the mall or were locked into stores until police could deem the threat over.

At only 14 years old, the suspect was in violation of the mall’s policy that anyone under the age of 17 must be escorted by a parent.

The suspected shooter is already known by police. Deputy Police Chief Richard Trudell said he’s posted photos with guns on social media and was wanted related to an incident in January in which he shot himself accidently, but blamed someone else.

After failing to release a statement in the hours after the shooting and ignoring daily requests for comment from NewsChannel 9, Destiny USA’s owners, Pyramid Management Group, used Thursday’s arrest as a catalyst to release a statement.

The statement did not address the number of police officers, the discontinuation of a roving police cruiser, the suspect’s violation or enforcement of the mall’s parental escort policy, a security plan for mall lockdowns or evacuations or customers’ request for metal detectors.

Because of the suspect’s age, his case will be prosecuted in family court. He’s currently being held at the Hillbrook Detention Center.

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